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Maybe you have already heard of PRP, platelet-rich plasma skin rejuvenation. If you haven't, it's a groundbreaking solution to the effects of aging or damaged skin.

​High Def PRP goes way BEYOND! HD PRP is a highly concentrated form of platelet-rich plasma. It usually consists of roughly 5X TIMES the normal level of plasma! WHEW, that's a lot! This highly dense form of PRP provides a greater potency than lower levels of PRP. It also releases more growth factors over time for longer-lasting results!


Makes YOU Glow
Tightens YOUR Skin
Grows YOUR Collagen
Eliminates YOUR Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Evens Out YOUR Skin Tones

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5X More Potent

Our blood comprises several components: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Plasma is the transparent, liquid portion of the blood that remains once these elements are separated. Plasma is the most significant part of human blood and consists of water, clotting factors (platelets), antibodies, nutrients, and proteins (albumin and fibrinogen). Plasma is responsible for carrying all parts of the blood throughout the body and helps remove waste. And our process allows gets you High Def PRP, 5X more potent than what has previously been available!


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