Laser Hair Removal


At Laser Me, our experts know all about hair removal! The Medical Professionals at Laser Me have the experience and skills to perform the most effective Laser Hair Removal process on each patient. You will get the hair-free body you've all wanted when choosing Laser Me for all your Laser Hair Removal needs!

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We're On A Mission

To Put an End to Waxing and Shaving With the Gentlemax Pro

Laser Me is #1 LASER In Laser Hair Removal. That's a fact, since 2004 it's been our thing to bring the best in Laser Hair Removal to St. Louis. Which brings us to The GentleMax Pro®. This revolutionary laser hair removal system is proven to be effective on men and women of all skin types. As the name suggests, it is gentle and painless, removing unwanted body hair so you can say goodbye to shaving, painful waxing, and plucking for good!

The Best

GentleMax Pro® is the FDA-approved gold standard, the premium choice in Laser Hair Removal. The GentleMax Pro® system is a consolidated, dual-wavelength laser platform that combines a fast and powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser with a 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser to deliver effective and safe results for all skin types. For over two decades, the Gentle Family® of devices has been a gold standard for hair removal.

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Your Customized Gentlemax Pro® Treatment

All lasers have some discomfort on some level due to the heat source being used; the GentleMax Pro is unique in how it uses cooling technology. Before each pulse of heat, a patented "Dynamic Cooling Device" (DCD) cools the area before the Laser's energy is released into the skin. The DCD sprays a cooling burst of cryogen on the skin to ensure that the treatment is extensively effective and comfortable.

How Many Sessions?

How many treatments will I need? Laser hair removal procedures impair hair follicles' growth when they are in the growth cycle at the development time. There are three phases in a person's hair growth cycle: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Most clients need a minimum of 5-10 treatments in intervals of every 4 to 8 weeks, providing up to 80% permanent hair reduction.

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Laser Hair Removal

For Dark Skin Tones

Our laser, the GentleMax Pro, provides the safest treatments for darker skin tones. It uses two lasers — one fair skin (Alexandrite) and one that’s for darker skin (Nd: Yag). The Nd: Yag technology has a weaker melanin absorption rate, and longer wavelengths which make it safe to use on dark skin tones.

This combination of technologies allows our highly-trained medical professionals to create customized treatment plans to fit the exact needs of each client’s skin tone and hair type. With us, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to treatment plans. It’s this customization that enables us to safely and effectively perform laser hair removal on any skin tone—from the fair to the darkest.


Extra Small

"IN Between" Brows


Front of Neck (2" Length)
Back of Neck (2" Length)
Navel Strip
Bikini Line ("1 Inch Top & Side Triangle)
Hands & Fingers
Feet & Toes


Front of Neck(4" Length)
Back of Neck (4" Length)
Partial Face (3 Small Areas)
Half Arms (up to 12")
Partial Back
Partial Buttocks


Full Face
Full Arms
Full Neck (Front & Back)
Chest & Stomach
Full Back
Full Buttocks
Upper Legs
Lower Legs

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