Laser Me Technology

Laser Me FDA approved technology is a safe way to reduce unwanted hair permanently. Unlike waxing, and shaving or home hair removal products, our process eliminates hair at the root, forever!  


Treatments are quick and nearly painless. During the procedure, a laser pulse is delivered into the targeted area, and a controlled amount of therapeutic heat safely and effectively damages the hair follicles. By destroying the follicle instead of just treating the surface like shaving or temporarily removing the hair like waxing, we permanently stop the follicle from growing any new hair ever again!

Highly-trained medical professionals perform all of your treatments. So you can be confident in knowing that you are always in good hands!


We offer the Gold standard in every available Laser Hair Removal Technology! Yag & Alexandrite (GentleMax Pro), and Diode (Diolux)! Our Diode laser provides our patients with the flexibility to create more traditional packages (with the option to upgrade to our Unlimited Option). Our Candela GentleMax Pro is used exclusively for our Unlimited Laser Me Life package. All three technologies offer us the flexibility to generates permanent outcomes for our patients, and most importantly, it is safe and effective for all skin types!