Biggest Holiday Promotion Yet!

🙋🏻‍♀️Who wants sexy abdominals for Christmas? 

🍑Who wants a bigger juicy booty?

💪Tight & Toned arms? 

Everyone right?! 

Emsculpt_Neo-Emtone_PIC_Ba-card-female-abdomen-003_ENUS100 (1).png

⭐️I'm going to tell you about our special flash 2-day promotion. I'm also going to tell you how you can get exactly that! 


Hi, I am Rachel with Laser Me, and for anyone who wants to destroy fat, build muscle, and tighten their skin for Christmas, we are running a special 2-Day promotion, starting today! We have a limited number of packages available for this special; we already sold packages during our pre-launch yesterday, and I don't want you to miss out! 


Now for yourself or someone you love, what better gift is there to give than the gift of wellness and sexiness? 


Have you heard of Emsculpt NEO? It is the most popular body shaping and contouring procedure on the entire planet! Just last month, Emsculpt celebrated hitting over 1-Million procedures. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! 


How does it work? It works with a patented synchronization process. Combined HIFEM and radiofrequency technology take your fitness journey to a whole other level. Listen to this, in only 4-minutes; you are already in fat destruction mode; you are destroying FAT cells! It is AMAZING! AND in any area we are working on, you will experience 20,000 contractions in which you are building muscle (25% more in just 4 weeks). It is the MOST incredible technology that I have ever encountered. In 4 weekly, 30-minute treatments, you will have accomplished an equivalent of 12-weeks of intense workouts. OH, and you are tightening skin too! 


Who is a good candidate for this technology? Just about anyone! Whether you are younger or my fabulous silver sneaker babes! The super in shape person or the person who dreads going to the gym! 


So come in to try it for free, OR if you are ready to get in on our special promotion, we only have a minimal amount of packages available for this special promo, and the price goes back to regular pricing! 


But Rachel, how much is it? Well, I can't share that here, and we customize your package to your needs, BUT I can promise you that it will be the best pricing available in St. Louis, and honestly, the best price you might see in the entire United States! So for all that and more, CALL US NOW to try the most impressive, the sexiest, and effective body contouring technology in the United States RIGHT NOW! 


We are offering free consultations that include complimentary consultations! 


 CALL US NOW! (636) 391-0015 to save thousands today and tomorrow! 


I can't wait to help you change your or someone else's life! 


🎅Merry Christmas, 

Rachel K. Schulte