Glow ME Rejuvenation St Louis

"glow me rejuvenation is a master plan, developed over 20 years of being in this industry. It's what every person needs to achieve the skin they love and are proud of. it's literally going to change your life. we're going to show you how to glow from the inside out, and the outside in. AND IT'S GOING TO BE A PLAN MADE JUST FOR YOU."

-Rachel Schulte CEO & Co-Founder






Hydrate me



Development of the treatment known as the “Oxygen Facial,” has been a revolution in the professional skincare market. For the first time offering a crossover treatment which validates the relaxation and pampering aspects of the services while delivering dramatic instant results with no downtime. The Laser Me Facial application method utilizes Hyperbaric Oxygen to promote the delivery of Intraceuticals professional-strength serums to the skin. Intraceuticals developed serums that, when professionally administered in conjunction with oxygen, visibly plumps and hydrates the skin to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look happy, smooth, refreshed, and ready to go! This treatment involves no downtime. It’s an excellent pre-event or post-procedure. St Louis Rejuvenation services use the therapy all by itself to rejuvenate the skin, or complement other services. 

Used by celebrities and model's in the most exclusive arena's, Laser Me is the only medical spa to offer this superior service is St. Louis. It is one of our all-time favorites and will remain that way for a long time to come! 

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This targeted treatment is the perfect, non-surgical alternative to more invasive procedures.  The TOX Treatments natural amino acids instantly firm, lift and plump your skin for a dramatically reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Concerns:

• Expression lines around the eyes, lips, and forehead

• Lines around the nasal folds caused by facial muscle contractions

• Fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area


Key Ingredients:

• Low Weight Hyaluronic

• Acetyl Octapeptide-3

Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus Extract


This skin-quenching treatment provides the ultimate in intense hydration. Perfect for all skin types, our serum contains vitamins and antioxidants that dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin.

Skin Concerns

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Dehydrated Skin
• Mature or premature aging
• May be used as part of a skin recovery program after chemical peels, nonablative laser, resurfacing or VPL Photofacial.


Key Ingredients

• Low Weight Hyaluronic
• Vitamins A, C, E,
• Green Tea



State of the art collagen-building peptides to promote skin renewal and rejuvenation.



Three forms of vitamin C work together to smooth, strengthen and promote healthy glowing skin.



Helps promote skin elasticity while clarifying and refining the appearance of skin.



Revitalises and balances dull stressed skin with natural superfruits from the Australian Outback.



Reveal a more radiant you! The BrighteningTreatment combines botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C to brighten and balance dull, uneven skin tone. Pigmentation is minimized, leaving your skin luminous.

Skin Concerns:

• Sun damage and premature aging

• Uneven skin tone

• Pigmentation caused by sun damage

Dull, lackluster skin


Key Ingredients:

• Low Weight Hyaluronic

• Retinyl Palmitate/Carrot Polypeptide

• Nonapeptide-1, Zingiber Officinale Root Extract


Refines the appearance of problem-prone skin with the ultimate weapon against impurities and irritation. The Clear treatment clears oil build-up, leaving skin clarified and refined. Cooling, calming, treatment process increases absorption of the Clarity serum and naturally improves your skin’s hydration levels while vitamins and antioxidants protect and defend.


Skin Concerns:

• Enlarged or congested pores in problem-prone skin

• Adult and hormonal blemishes

• Mature or premature aging

• Prematurely aged skin appearance


Key Ingredients:

• Low Weight Hyaluronic

• Salicylic Acid

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate


Tighten me



We target skin tightening in many different ways, your skin type and tone will help us decide the procedures that will best suit your skin tightening needs. With that said these are a few of our favorites, we use to give you gorgeous tight skin! 

Laser Me Venus Legacy (Skin Tightening):

Are you worried about looking older than you really are? Unsurprisingly, the onset of fine lines and wrinkles is the most common sign of aging. But wrinkles aren't only caused by aging skin. They can also come from prolonged sun exposure, diet, stress, hormone changes, smoking, and other lifestyle factors that prematurely age your appearance.

If you're ready to start looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside, you may be the perfect candidate for non-surgical wrinkle reduction. With just 6-8 quick sessions, these radio frequency-based treatments can help undo the appearance of skin damage, and restore smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Venus Concept's wrinkle reduction treatments work by enhancing your body's natural production of collagen and elastin fibers, the two main building blocks of healthy, youthful skin.


• Advanced radio frequency technology that safely delivers tighter, smoother skin.

• Safe for all skin tones.

• Extremely comfortable treatments with no downtime 

• Quick treatment sessions last no more than 30 minutes (per area)

How it works:

Venus Legacy™ uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, while also shrinking the volume of fat cells. At the same time, an adjustable pulsed suction (called VariPulse™) gently works to pull the skin upward, allowing the energy to travel deeper and providing more comfortable and effective treatment. The result is a body that looks slimmer and more sculpted, skin that looks tighter, and cellulite that almost disappears.


Radio frequency technology is proven safe and effective for all skin tones, even darker complexions.


Enjoy a relaxing treatment experience that delivers noticeable results.


Return to your daily routine immediately after your treatment.


Brighten Me

We target skin brightening in many different ways, your skin type and tone will help us decide the procedures that will best suit your skin brightening needs. With that said these are a few of our favorites, we use to give you gorgeous bright skin! 


Laser Me VPL Photofacials: (No Downtime)

The Most Important Anti-Aging Treatment for Skin Types 1-4: 

This procedure uses the power of light! Do your skin look tired? Do you have fine lines, wrinkles? Need to restore your face to a more youthful appearance? Say goodbye to the effects of sun damage, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. Transform red, blotchy skin into a radiant complexion. Our Photorejuvenation process at Laser Me uses a Variable Pulsed Light System (VPL), the most effective advanced light rejuvenation process on the market to target all of these issues. Our process gives you a smoother and restored glow to your face, neck, hands and more. Only safe for skin types (I-IV) 


What is Photorejuvenation?

As we age, our levels of collagen density decrease, causing our skin to lose elasticity and become somewhat dull and translucent. Additionally, many of us have a veil of pigment on the surface of our skin, that we may not know are there (we can check this with your skin analysis).  VPL pulses light into the skin, heating it to target and remove the unwanted browns and reds delivering a more even skin tone and an all-over glow. It promoted the formation of collagen and elastin which tightens the skin, lightens pigmentation, and reduces telangiectasias (broken blood vessels), thus proving all over skin tones, texture, and appearance.


Advantages of Photorejuvenation: 

  • Noninvasive, nonsurgical

  • No downtime

  • Painless

  • Few side effects


What Photorejuvenation Accomplishes:     

Remove fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, liver spots and brown blemishes on the face, neck, chest, hands, and other areas of the body Reduce redness, acne, rosacea, broken blood vessels on the face, neck, and chest. Stimulates collagen for a brighter, more even complexion. Minimizes pore size and helps fight acne and acne scarring


What Does The Procedure Entail?

At Laser Me, we make this process as comfortable as possible. All patients have an option of numbing before the procedure if they have no allergic conflicts. After you are numb, your face or area treated will be cleaned and dried. You will have protective eyewear secured, and then a cooling gel will be placed on the area being treated.   A cooling gel is then placed on the skin being treated. The smooth surface of the laser wand is gently applied to your skin and pulses of light flash (the flash of light is typically the most unexpected part of your treatment). When numb you should only feel a warm sensation or may feel a very slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. 

At the end of the treatment, we will remove the gel, cleanse the area with a warm cloth, and applies layers of excellent skin care to absorb into your skin. Depending on the area being treated, the procedure only takes between 45-60 minutes (this includes numbing time)


How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The number of treatments you need will depend on your age, skin condition, and what you are trying to accomplish. In St. Louis Rejuvenation process, when done correctly, almost always consists of a series of six or more treatments (depending on a clients level of sun damage), usually one every 4-6 weeks. You will see more and more improvement after each treatment.

How Long Will The Results Last?

It depends. If you continue to expose your skin to the sun without sunscreen, new damage will occur. We recommend a yearly treatment series, and the number of treatments should be based on one’s skin analysis.

Are There Side Effects?

The side effects are minimal, consisting of temporary swelling, redness, an accentuation of the brown spots, crusting, and an occasional bruise or small superficial blister (like a sunburn blister).  There are rare other side effects which we will review with you in your consent form.



Microneedling can keep your skin looking young, bouncy and supple! For those looking to improve the look of scars, boost collagen, microneedling can offer a minimally invasive solution. The practice dates back to 1995 but has gained significant traction in recent years. Simply put, microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for the purposes of rejuvenation. The punctures are more like pin-pricks that enter only surface-level deep. According to a 2008 study, skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing treatment! WOW!



Our favorite peels, are our Skinmedica Peels. They are also some of our most requested and deliver great results. The Vitalize Peel, Illuminize Peel or Rejuvenize Peel by Skinmedica may be the cosmetic treatment you are seeking to help you achieve a clearer, brighter and more youthful glow to your skin.


Illuminize Peel (Lunch Time Peel) - $250 

This non-invasive very superficial chemical peel utilizes a novel approach to chemical peeling with a newer generation of alpha-hydroxy acids (mandelic and malic acid) in combination with phytic acid and commonly used peeling agents (salicylic acid and resorcinol) to maximize skin rejuvenating effects with low irritation.

• Enhances skin glow and radiance

• Helps restore a more youthful appearance

• Improves clarity, color and skin texture

• Patients achieve enhancement of skin appearance with minimal downtime and discomfort

• Appropriate for first-time chemical peel patients or patients looking for a gentle, very superficial peel

• May be performed on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I - VI

• Little or no visible peeling


*Vitalize Peel (For Anti-Aging, Melasma, Sun-Damage, and Acne Prone Skin) - $350 

The Vitalize Peel is the most popular SkinMedica peel that is appropriate for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin. Achieve visible improvement after one treatment with optimal results after a series of treatments.


The Vitalize Peel combines resorcinol, lactic, salicylic, and retinoic acid (at aesthetician's discretion) to offer dramatic improvement in texture and tone. The renewal process stimulates collagen production, improves pigmentation, acne, and melasma. The skin appears healthier and more youthful with minimal downtime. For best results a series is recommended.

(* Most popular procedures) 

Rejuvenize Peel (Most Aggressive) -$450 

Rejuvenize Peel can be used on Fitzpatrick Skin Types V - VI after the patient has established tolerability to Vitalize Peel or with your medical professional’s consent.

The Peeling Solution in the Rejuvenize Peel contains Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Resorcinol, Panthenol, and Isoceteth-20. This peeling solution combined with a Retinol Solution can substantially improve the appearance of the skin.